OmniAir Certification Services, Inc. was founded in 2010 as an independent, non-member affiliate of the OmniAir Consortium. Both non-profit organizations work to advance the deployment of standards-based, interoperable wireless transport technologies that improve mobility, safety and efficiency on our ground transportation networks.
OCS manages and executes the certification programs and exclusively issues OCS-Certified awards to devices and systems that pass its rigorous test programs.

OCS is active at many levels of transportation from local operators, to regional and national, namely the USDOT Connected Vehicle Program. Connected Vehicle is a national research program comprising USDOT, NHTSA, automobile OEM, Tier 1, highway operators and integrators. OCS is the first entity specifically created to do certification of ITS devices and systems.

In September, 2012 OCS developed programs and awarded its first certificates of compliance to a major device maker.